The Magic Of Videos
Newsflash : "How can you grab their attention in the first 5 seconds and impress them in 1 minute?"
You Can Now Turn Your Smartphone Videos Into One Of The Most Powerful Marketing Weapons To Build Your Brand, Generate Leads and Attract Customers In Any Niche Or Industry!
Are you a business owner, real estate agent, network marketer, trainer, coach, team leader or sales professional?
Armed with its global reach and appeal to our senses using moving images and sound, 
online video marketing presents an unprecedented opportunity for YOU.  
The world wants to watch your message.

BUT . . . 
Videos can be a double-edge sword.
It may almost instantaneously destroy you if you project a wrong image. 
Are you doing more harm to your brand with amateurish attempts?
What will you learn in this mind-blowing workshop - where we pull back the curtains and show you some Ninja techniques and strategies that are unheard of in your industry?
How to organise your thoughts while speaking impromptu to a camera, so that you look natural and appealing?
Have you ever tried speaking in front of your cellphone camera and realised that you just simply couldn't complete a simple presentation?  Use this one simple closely guarded technique to immediately transform the way you engage your audience with impromptu video. We will reveal in this upcoming workshop.
What are the deadly mistakes to avoid when shooting a live video?
Many people produce marketing videos with the full intention of delivering the best features and benefits to the prospective consumers - and often neglecting these critical factors, resulting in lost sales despite a professional production.  We will reveal more in this coming workshop.
Don't let your handphone videos collect dust. Turn them into a leads generation machine with FB.  Find out how!
How can you recycle those videos that are collecting dust in your cellphone - and turn them into a leads generation machine on FB? Learn how to use this free but powerful tool to create a list of laser targeted prospects for your business..
When and where should you use a FB Live video and what content engages a cold audience?
Why would someone spend time watching you when you pop out of sudden in FB Live?  Find out how you can use FB Live to build a strong following on FB.
Are you working too hard ?
The truth is your customers don't care how hard you work!
Real Estate Agents
Learn from real life case studies of how videos have been used in marketing condominiums, new launches to Sentosa Bungalows and Good Class Bungalows.

Network Marketers
Learn from real life case studies of how videos have been used to help transform a brand new distributor to a global team leader with business spread over more than 35 countries.
"How to get more exposure and reach with $0 budget!"
If you're looking to grow your audience without having to shell out a bunch of money on advertising or create a huge marketing budget, you are in the right place.

Since 1993, Alex Mandossian has generated nearly $400 million in sales and profits for his strategic alliance partners, clients and students on five continents. His expertise is in electronic broadcast media such as teleseminars, webinars, podcasts and most recently, Google hangouts.

He has shared the stage with diverse thoughts leaders such as Richard Branson, Harvey Mackay, Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Ormand, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Dalai Lama. Alex is widely known as an Internet marketing pioneer and his blog is currently read weekly by over 155,000 subscribers.

In this free presentation, Alex showed the time-tested secrets online publishers use to get more exposure and audience reach without spending a single penny more on advertising or publicity costs. You'll learn: 
  • How to get your message out to a wider audience with content you've already created. 
  • 4 benefits to repurposing your content and why it would be crazy not to do it. 
  • The biggest mistake people make when promoting their book and why it stifles your future sales.
ALSO INCLUDED - Special Preview Segment
This mind blowing segment could differentiate a breakthrough from a mediocre performance in 2017.  The veil that covers the tricks, tools and strategies used in the professional online marketing has never been lifted until now -
Unorthodoxically re-engineered for YOUR industry!
  • How YOU can own powerful branding videos that attract your customers like a magnet - without creating one yourself? 
  • How YOU can position yourself as an authority figure in your niche with one powerful resource - without any hassle, saving you months of hard work? 
  • How YOU can project yourself first as a approachable person and brand name online, so that your prospective customers want to get in touch with you before you even start selling? 
  • How YOU can leverage on unorthodox tools to spy on your competitors so that you gain an unfair advantage in this competitive marketplace? 
  • How YOU can jump start your brand with a proven system - so that you can almost get started immediately with all the tedious work already done for you? 
  •  How YOU can generate tons of leads without creating a single piece of content online?
Master practical hands on skills to stay ahead of competition in 2017 !
for a ONE-TIME FAST ACTION PRICE of just $97, $67, USD17
Date:  22 November 2016, Tuesday
Time: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Location:  3 Bishan Place #06-03, Bishan CPF Building 
Singapore 579838 (Beside Junction 8)
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Get equipped with some of the unorthodox branding techniques that I have employed successfully in my 14 years of marketing experience in Financial Advisory, Real Estate and Network Marketing.
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With a measly USD17 for this workshop and the multitude of challenges waiting for you ahead, there is absolutely every reason why you want to start learning and no reason why you want to miss this opportunity. 
Make this first step to transform your brand FAST in the brand new year ahead!
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